MARC Systems we change the world!

Social Network for Gourmets

We develop and operate Dinees – the social network for gourmets and foodies.

Dinees allows you to meet new people, have great meals for a smaller price! It also allows to earn money with your own cooking served to your guests!


Today's industrial system are almost entirely controlled by computerized systems. Most of the low-level controllers are PLC systems. We have a wide experiences in the realization of the PLC systems. Therefore we offer our customers highly qualified system architects and developers who implements PLC components.

Project Management

We provide strong competence in project management. Our GPM/IPMA certified project managers help you to conduct your projects optimally and meet all the objectives you aim.

Fault Tolerance

Our first product was Fault Tolerance Service (FTS). It is a software solution for mission-critical high-availability systems, e.g. wind energy plants or PV hybrid facilities.