MARC Systems we change the world!

Indoor Localization

We have developed Sky Eye – an indoor localization and navigation system. The system provides a mobile APP, usable on airports, in shopping malls, fairs, etc. There is also an industrial version dedicated for the navigation of e.g. independent robots within huge warehouses or underground facilities (subway, mines).

Fault Tolerance

Our first products were Fault Tolerance Services (FTS). Still in the portfolio is a Fault Tolerance software for high-availability systems, e.g. wind energy plants or solar collectors.


Smartphones, tablets and always being online and in connection with people over mobile devices - all of that is an integral part of this world. MARC Systems has set itself the task of developing useful and entertaining apps for your smartphone! Our latest success is the developement of myCook. This app allows you to meet new people, have great meals for a cheap price, earn money with your own cooking and also participate in a sporting contest with other cooks from all over the world if looking for a challenge!

Cloud Security

Lately the notion of data security is changing – especially in Europe. The need for Data Security in the Cloud is huge. MARC Systems was aware of these problems already in 2009 and produced FTS Backbone Edition for Data Centers. Now we provide the perfect solution for Data Security in the Cloud, called Sky Keeper.